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ASP.NET (C#) Question mvc 5 how to display data in table header

i am developing a scheduler in mvc 5.

i am new to it,

my question is, how i can display data on table header from my sql server database

here is my data base
enter image description here

i want when user 6a loging, it display the "Blue Surgery" and "Grey surgery" in table header

when user 22b login, it display the "Surgery One" & "surgery Two" in the table header

here is my table
enter image description here

here is my View code

<th style="width:50px;"></th>

<th id="header1">Surgery 1</th>

<th id="header2">Surgery 2</th>

<th id="header3"></th>

<th id="header4"></th>

<th id="header5"></th>

<th id="header6"></th>


here is my controller code

// GET: Schedules/Create
public ActionResult Create()
var currentUser = User.Identity.GetUserId();
var schedule = db.AspNetUsers.Where(x => x.ClinicName == currentUser);
ViewBag.CurrentUser = currentUser;

//ViewBag.ClinicName = new SelectList(db.AspNetUsers, "Id", "FirstName");

var doctor = db.Doctors.ToList().Where(d => d.ClinicName == currentUser);
ViewBag.DoctorID = new SelectList(doctor, "DoctorID", "DoctorName");

var surgery = db.Surgeries.ToList().Where(d => d.ClinicName == currentUser);
ViewBag.SurgeryID = new SelectList(surgery, "SurgeryID", "SurgeryName");

var patient = db.Patients.ToList().Where(p => p.ClinicName == currentUser);
ViewBag.PatientID = new SelectList(patient, "PatientID", "PatientName");

return View();

my Index in Controller

// GET: Schedules
public ActionResult Index()

//var schedules = db.Schedules.Include(s => s.AspNetUser).Include(s => s.Doctor).Include(s => s.Surgery).Include(s => s.Patient);
//return View(schedules.ToList());
var currentUser = User.Identity.GetUserId();
var schedule = db.Schedules.Where(x => x.ClinicName == currentUser);

return View(schedule);

var surgery = db.Surgeries.Where(x => x.ClinicName == currentUser);
ViewBag.Headers = surgery.Select(s => s.SurgeryName).ToList();


Answer Source

This could work


ViewBag.Headers = schedule.Select(s => s.SurgeryName).ToList();


    <th style="width:50px;"></th>
    @if (ViewBag.Headers != null && ViewBag.Headers.Count > 0){
        for (int i = 0; i < ViewBag.Headers.Count; i++){
            <th id="header_@i">@ViewBag.Headers[i]</th>
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