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Python Question

pinging websites from array in a loop

import subproccess
import sys

mylist= ['','','','','',

for ping in mylist(0,5):
result = os.system("ping %s" % ping)

Can someone please find the mistake in my code? I want to call this script from cmd terminal. The aim of this code is to ping each of the website every time and then write the result in a text file. I'm quite new with python and I don't know how to build a proper code.

Answer Source
  • os not imported
  • mylist = ['','','','','','']
  • for ping in mylist:
  • result = os.system("ping -c 1 %s" % ping)
  • f = open("test.txt","w") (open the file before entering the loop, else it would rewrite the file everytime the loop iterates)

    import os
    mylist= ['','','','','',
    f = open("file.txt", 'w')
    for ping in mylist:
        result = os.system("ping -c 1 %s" % ping)
        f.write(ping + " : " +result + "\n")
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