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Have anyone seen, warning: target specifies SWIFT_VERSION = '2.3'

I just converted one of my projects from Swift 2.3 to Swift 3 and eventhoug everything compiles fine and everything seem to be working I keep getting the following warning...

warning: target specifies SWIFT_VERSION = '2.3', but it is overridden by TOOLCHAINS = 'com.apple.dt.toolchain.XcodeDefault'

Have anyone seen this warning?

enter image description here

Many of the threads I found/read suggest to change the
Command Line Tools:
option to use Xcode 8 but mine is already using
Xcode 8.1(8B62)

enter image description here

Any suggestion?

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It looks like the some of your dependencys may be specifying swift 2.3. So it is warning you that this may cause problems in the nex upcoming update. You also should check the setting for your project and make sure under project settings that the compile-with-legacy-swift = NO.