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C++ Question

What is the difference between delete a pointer and set the pointer as NULL?

Suppose I have a pointer to MyClass:

MyClass *myPointer = new MyClass();

What is the difference between
delete myPointer;
myPointer = NULL;


Answer Source

delete myPointer de-allocates memory, but leaves value of myPointer variable, that it is pointing to some garbage address.

myPointer = NULL only sets value of myPointer to null-pointer, possibly leaking memory, if you don't delete other pointer, which points to same address as myPointer

In ideal world you should use both those strings, like this:

delete myPointer; // free memory
myPointer = nullptr; // setting value to zero, signalizing, that this is empty pointer

But overall, use std::unique_ptr, which is modern approach to memory management.

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