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PHP Question

string length not decremented when unset string index

I was trying to create palindrome by deleting one character from string at a time . While unsetting the string index .The string length is not getting reduced.

$s = "arun";
var_dump ($s);
$s[1] = NULL;
var_dump($s) ;


string(4) "arun"
string(4) "aun"

Why does the length not reduced.

Answer Source

because you are not in any way reducing your string, but just replacing one character.

your string gets transformed from a r u n to a (null) u n, which is still four chars long.

to achieve your goal, use substr_replace

$s = "arun";
var_dump ($s); //arun
$s = substr_replace($s, "", 1,1);
var_dump($s); //aun
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