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PHP Question

jquery post .fail even when php succeed

I have a problem with my jQuery post request :

{'id': _id, 'id_key': id_key, 'table': table, 'data': data})
.fail(function(jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown){
alert('Erreur: '+jqXHR.responseText);

And my PHP :

$id = json_decode($_POST['id']);
$id_key = json_decode($_POST['id_key']);
$table = json_decode($_POST['table']);
$data = json_decode($_POST['data']);

foreach ($_POST as $k=>$v) {
$rlt = array(
'erreur' => false,
'request' => 'none'
$tmp = 0;
$request = 'UPDATE '.$table.' SET';

foreach ($data as $target => $value) {
if ($tmp++>0)
$request = $request.',';
$request = $request.' '.$target.' = "'.$value.'"';
$request = $request.' WHERE '.$id_key.' LIKE "'.$id.'"';

$rlt['request'] = $request;

if (!$rlt_bdd = mysqli_query($link, $request)){
$rlt['erreur'] = 'Erreur: Update not done';

echo json_encode($rlt);


Everytime I run my code, it follow the same path :

  • PHP is correctly executed

  • jQuery run

    • jqXHR.responseText is empty

I have try to force php to fail and at that time, the jQuery correctly run the done(function).

  • PHP have some error

  • jQuery run

    • the alert show the php error

I have try many thing like force an UTF8 encode to each php string variable.
I even try to impose a simple string like
json_encode('hello world');

After many test, it seem my previous informations :

Maybe it is useful to explain that:

  • my javascript is inside a
    php page.

So it must have a structure like:

  • main.php --jQuery-->
    (second.php into a

    • second.php --jQuery-->

    • ajax_bdd-change.php --return
      -->second.php(jQuery part)

I do not mention it because I do not find it pertinent.

Is the cause of this problem. I have try a call of my php by post from a new html page without a
and it is working perfectly.

Answer Source

I have find a resolution. In fact, my code is more complex, and the jQuery .post is done in a .submit of a <form> inside the script part of an jQuery DialogBox. So the form was finished to submit before the php response when this on have a Database Query.

In resolution I change this submit with just a .click, and I manualy close when I recive a response from the server.

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