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Mapping from one union type to another in typescript

I've been enjoying union types in typescript, but I've just hit my first snag.

This is the member in question:

organizations: Organization[] | number[];

This is what I'm trying to do:

let orgs = organziations.map(org => org.id);

In other words, take this collection of and map it to its id so that I can have instead a collection of .

The error I get is [ts] Cannot invoke an expression whose type lacks a call signature. True, map doesn't know which of the types it is dealing with. Unfortunately, nothing I've tried thus far has helped map out.

Answer Source

You should use a type guard in order to test if the variable has the right type. For example:

interface Organization {
    id: string

function isOrganizationList(list: any[]): list is Organization[] {
    return list.length === 0 || list[0].id !== undefined

let organizations: Organization[] | number[],
    orgs: string[];

if (isOrganizationList(organizations))
    orgs = organizations.map(org => org.id);

Notice: you could write your own implementation of isOrganizationList with a more robust test.

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