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Link another value to a textarea element when posting to use as an id [PHP]

I have been trying to figure out a way to do this for a couple hours now. So, I am creating a form that generates textarea tags for every 'client' I selected, this part is easy for me. My problem is linking each text area to the clients id I have created for them so when I post the textarea input to my database I can post their id with it as well. Are there any ideas to post a value with each textarea? Any help is greatly appreciated...

MY html code for textarea

<td><?php echo "<textarea name='comments[]' cols='10'> </textarea>"?></td>

I TRY to post the text through a
loop, one by one

The variable holding the info I need is wrapped up like this

<?php $clientlevel = $client.":".$i;?>

I then use
to parse it

Answer Source

Some pseudo code to show how you might assign the client id to each textarea and then process the POSTed data..

/* query the db using preferred methods */
$sql='select * from users where selected=1';

echo "<form method='post'>";
/* loop through recordset to generate textareas with client id assigned to comment */
while( $rs = $db->fetch($res) ){
    echo "<td><textarea col=50 rows=3 name='comments[\"{$uid}\"]'>Comments.. $i</textarea></td>";
echo "<input type='submit'></form>";

    echo '<div>', print_r($_POST,true), '</pre>';

    /* specifically target and process the comments */
    $comments=!empty( $_POST['comments'] ) ? $_POST['comments'] : false;
    if( $comments ){
        foreach( $comments as $uid => $text ){
            echo 'User: '.$uid.' Comment:'.$text.'<br />';

Will output something like:
    [comments] => Array
            ["client_1"] => Comments.. 0
            ["client_2"] => Comments.. 1
            ["client_3"] => Comments.. 2
            ["client_4"] => Comments.. 3
            ["client_5"] => Comments.. 4
            ["client_6"] => Comments.. 5
            ["client_7"] => Comments.. 6
            ["client_8"] => Comments.. 7
            ["client_9"] => Comments.. 8
            ["client_10"] => Comments.. 9

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