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Disable Hardware Keyboard for iOS Simulator using UIAutomation

I'm doing some automated tests in the iOS simulator using UIAutomation.

In Xcode 6, the iOS simulator's keyboard behavior changed to be similar to a real device, and now there is a menu item to connect/disconnect your Mac's keyboard to the simulator: Hardware > Keyboard > Connect Hardware Keyboard.

I don't mind this, but what happens when your Mac's keyboard is connected is that the simulator will no longer show the software keyboard. When you run a test script with UIAutomation, calls like

will fail because the keyboard doesn't appear, even when you've made a text field the first responder.

This is annoying, because if I do any manual testing in the simulator, I will need to remember to disable the hardware keyboard before I run any of my UIAutomation tests, or they will all fail.

Is there any way, from within a UIAutomation JS script, to check hardware keyboard settings and disable them? Or, any way to do this from the command line, prior to executing the UIAutomation script?

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If I understood your question correctly, you need bulletproof way to enter text. I just use setValue for that. Like this: UIATarget.localTarget().frontMostApp().textFields().Login.setValue('sofa');

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