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SQL Server : check if number is in comma separated list

I have a table with a

. It contains some ID's separated by commas, for example:

id categoryIds
1 3,7,12,33,43

I want to do a select statement and check if an int exists in that column. Something like this:

select *
from myTable
where 3 in (categoryIds)

I know this is possible in MySQL by doing this, but can it be done in SQL Server as well?

I have tried casting the int to a char, which runs the following statement:

select *
from myTable
where '3' in (categoryIds)

But it doesn't look like there's any "out of the box" support for comma separated lists as it returns nothing.

Answer Source

You should really redesign this table to split out those values from being comma separated to being in individual rows. However, if this is not possible, you are stuck with doing string comparison instead:

DECLARE @stringId VARCHAR(50) = CAST(@id AS VARCHAR(50))

FROM MyTable 
WHERE categoryIds = @stringId -- When there is only 1 id in the table
OR categoryIds LIKE @stringId + ',%' -- When the id is the first one
OR categoryIds LIKE '%,' + @stringId + ',%' -- When the id is in the middle
OR categoryIds LIKE '%,' + @stringId -- When the id is at the end
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