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creating a form to route a method inside controller

I am trying to create a form that redirects to a method called accept_item on the form controller. My issue is that it's not going through the accept_item method when I submit the form.


def accept
@form = Form.find(params['id'])
def accept_item
redirect_to inventories_path


<%= form_tag accept_item_forms_url do %>
<% @form.items.each do |i| %>
<%= label_tag 'Item Name' %>
<p><%= %></p>
<%= label_tag 'Quantity' %>
<p><%= text_field_tag 'quantity', i.quantity %></p>

<% end %>
<%= submit_tag 'Accept', class: 'btn btn-default btn-about pull-left', data: {confirm: 'Are you sure you want to accept?'} %>
<% end %>


resources :forms do
collection do
get :accept_item, :as => :accept_item

Error Message

No route matches [POST] "/forms/accept_item"

Answer Source

The form_tag helper uses the HTTP POST method by default. You defined your routes with get:

get :accept_item, :as => :accept_item

You should use post instead:

post :accept_item, :as => :accept_item

Also I don't think you need the as: :accept_item part, unless you're going to use accept_item_url instead of accept_item_forms_url.

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