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How to get checked nodes in jquery jstree

I have created one jquery jstree and it's working fine. Now the problem is how to get the the checked nodes details.

For Creating JStree The code is:

$(function () {
"json_data" : {
"data" : [
{"data":"pe_opensourcescanning","id":0,"pId":-1,"children": [{"data":"tags","id":30,"pid":0},{"data":"branches","id":29,"pid":0},{"data":"trunk","id":1,"pid":0,"children":[{"data":"import-export","id":28,"pid":1},{"data":"custom_development","id":12,"pid":1},{"data":"Connectors","id":7,"pid":1},{"data":"support","id":6,"pid":1},{"data":"Installation-Configuration","id":5,"pid":1},{"data":"backup","id":2,"pid":1}]}]}
"plugins" : [ "themes", "json_data", "checkbox", "ui" ]
}).bind("select_node.jstree", function (e, data) { alert("id")); });

Now while getting checked nodes i need all the attributes values for those checked elements. Say like for "tags" the json object looks like {"data":"tags","id":30,"pid":0}, so if user select tag i need the value of "data" And "id". i have tried to write some code but unfortunately that is not working.

Getting Checked Nodes.

$("#" +div2.childNodes[i].id).jstree("get_checked",null,true).each
(function () {


Kindly give me a solution.

Answer Source
  function submitMe(){ 
        var checked_ids = []; 
            (function () { 

Go through this once jstree google groups

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