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How to update ZK Grid values from jQuery

I have three

and in each tab, I have a

The data for each
is coming from a database, so I am using
to populate the Grids. The following code is common for all three Grids:

<grid id="myGrid1" width="950px" sizedByContent="true" rowRenderer="com.example.renderer.MyRowRenderer">

The rows are constructed from
objects. The data is populated successfully.

The Problem:

I need to handle multiple-cell editing on the client side. The editing is done via mouse-clicking on a particular cell and entering a value.

As example let's say that the user edits first cell on the first row and the value should be
propagated to all other cells on the same row and in all three Grids (so also the two Grids which the user currently does not see, because they are in
I am using
to do this value propagation and it works OK.

I am passing the jQuery as follows:

doublebox.setWidgetListener(Events.ON_CHANGING, jQuerySelectors);
doublebox.setWidgetListener(Events.ON_CHANGE, jQuerySelectors);

This makes it possible to change the value in 1 cell and the change is instantly (visually) seen in all other cells filtered by jQuery selectors.

The problem is that the value is visually distributed to all the cells, but when I try to save the
data back to the database, the background values are the old ones.
I am assuming that
component is not aware that
changed all the cell values. Nevertheless if I manually click on a cell that already has the NEW value (enter/leave/change focus) when I save the grid the NEW value is correct in that particular cell. Maybe that's a hint how can I resolve this.

Code of how I extract the

Grid tGrid = (Grid) event.getTarget().getFellow("myGrid1");
ListModel model = tGrid.getModel();
MyCustomRow tRow = (MyCustomRow)model.getElementAt(i);

The model for my
is a

myGrid1.setModel(new ListModelList(List<MyCustomRow> populatedList));

I have a couple of assumptions, but whatever I have tried, hasn't worked. I have in mind that
events and
are different and probably isolated in different contexts. (Although I have tried to fire events from jQuery and so on..)

Do you have any suggestions? As a whole is my approach correct or there's another way to do this? Thanks for your time in advance!

Answer Source

Your problem is exactly what you are expecting.
Zk has it's own event system and do not care about your jq,
cos it's jq and zk don't observ the DOM.

The ways to solve your problem.

  1. Use the "ZK-Way":
    Simply listen at server-side and chage things there.
    I am not sure if not selected Tabs
    are updateable, but I am sure you could update the Grid
    components on the select event of the Tab.

  2. Fire an zk-event your self:
    All you need to know, is written in the zk doc.
    Basically, you collect your data at client side, send
    an Event to the server via zAu.send() extract the
    data from the json object at serverside and update your Grids

I would prefer the first one, cos it's less work and there should not be
a notable difference in traffic.