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malloc in C, but use multi-dimensional array syntax

Is there any way to malloc a large array, but refer to it with 2D syntax? I want something like:

int *memory = (int *)malloc(sizeof(int)*400*200);
int MAGICVAR = ...;
MAGICVAR[20][10] = 3; //sets the (200*20 + 10)th element

UPDATE: This was important to mention: I just want to have one contiguous block of memory. I just don't want to write a macro like:

#define INDX(a,b) (a*200+b);

and then refer to my blob like:


I'd much prefer:


UPDATE: I understand the compiler has no way of knowing as-is. I'd be willing to supply extra information, something like:

int *MAGICVAR[][200] = memory;

Does no syntax like this exist? Note the reason I don't just use a fixed width array is that it is too big to place on the stack.

UPDATE: OK guys, I can do this:

void toldyou(char MAGICVAR[][286][5]) {

//from another function:
char *memory = (char *)malloc(sizeof(char)*1820*286*5);

I get a warning,
passing arg 1 of toldyou from incompatible pointer type
, but the code works, and I've verified that the same locations are accessed. Is there any way to do this without using another function?

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Yes, you can do this, and no, you don't need another array of pointers like most of the other answers are telling you. The invocation you want is just:

int (*MAGICVAR)[200] = malloc(400 * sizeof *MAGICVAR);
MAGICVAR[20][10] = 3; // sets the (200*20 + 10)th element