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MySQL Question

Using MySQL Workbench on Linux Mint 18

I've never had a MySQL install go smoothly. Not Mac. Not Windows. And now Linux joins the mess.

I installed mysql-server via Software Manager after a failed attempt with linuxbrew. I can actually run it in terminal, but I have to use

which seems odd. I don't see any examples where the user has to use

On top of that, when I run MySQL Workbench I can't connect. I get the error,
Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost'

Any suggestions?

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Did you install mysql from apt-get install mysql-server ? it probably asked you for a default root password (Ubuntu like systems usually do). If you have forgotten it, have no fear, the password can be reset


Try doing this as linux root (sudo -i), if that doesn't work try

sudo -i
sudo mysql

and give it a shot.

Alternatively, sudo, connect to mysql and create another user account with full privileges something like

GRANT ALL ON *.* to someother user identified by ...
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