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CSS Question

Apply table style to all columns except first column

I am creating an HTML table dynamically with JavaScript so that the number of columns can vary (between 1 and 10).
Is there a way in CSS that I can automatically apply a class style to all columns of this table except the first column without having to add a class manually to each column ?

I thought maybe there is a trick with using the nth-child but couldn't get this working.

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There are several ways. One of them is

th:nth-child(n+2), td:nth-child(n+2) { ... }

A different one:

th + th, th + td, td + th, td + td { ... }

The browser coverage for these is good, but not quite 100%. To cover all CSS-enabled browsers, I’m afraid you would need to do this indirectly:

th, td { /* your settings here */ }
th:first-child, td:first-child { /* “overwriting” settings here */ }

Here “overwriting settings” mean settings that override the settings in the first rule. But this requires information about the desired rendering for the first column.

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