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Combine two (or more) PDF's

Background: I need to provide a weekly report package for my sales staff. This package contains several (5-10) crystal reports.

I would like to allow a user to run all reports and also just run a single report. I was thinking I could do this by creating the reports and then doing:

List<ReportClass> reports = new List<ReportClass>();
reports.Add(new WeeklyReport1());
reports.Add(new WeeklyReport2());
reports.Add(new WeeklyReport3());

foreach (ReportClass report in reports)
report.ExportToDisk(ExportFormatType.PortableDocFormat, @"c:\reports\" + report.ResourceName + ".pdf");

This would provide me a folder full of the reports, but I would like to email everyone a single PDF with all the weekly reports. So I need to combine them.

Is there an easy way to do this without install any more third party controls? I already have DevExpress & CrystalReports and I'd prefer not to add too many more.

Would it be best to combine them in the foreach loop or in a seperate loop? (or an alternate way)


Answer Source

I had to solve a similar problem and what I ended up doing was creating a small pdfmerge utility that uses the PDFSharp project which is essentially MIT licensed.

The code is dead simple, I needed a cmdline utility so I have more code dedicated to parsing the arguments than I do for the PDF merging:

using (PdfDocument one = PdfReader.Open("file1.pdf", PdfDocumentOpenMode.Import))
using (PdfDocument two = PdfReader.Open("file2.pdf", PdfDocumentOpenMode.Import))
using (PdfDocument outPdf = new PdfDocument())
    CopyPages(one, outPdf);
    CopyPages(two, outPdf);


void CopyPages(PdfDocument from, PdfDocument to)
    for (int i = 0; i < from.PageCount; i++)
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