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Images on Launch Screen doesn't appear on device

I'm building an iOS app in xcode 7. I have the standart launch screen that was autogenerated with the project, with an image view in it. I has been working fine for a while, but suddenly when I run the app, the image appears in completely black. See screen show of problem:
Image showing bugged launch screen

This only happens when I run the app on my device (iPhone 6), when I run the app on the simulator, the launche screen is as it is suppose to.

The problem occured after i edited som constraints in my storyboard, complete unrelated.
The image that is loaded is added to the project as a regular file, not in xcassets.
When i put a new, identical, image into the project the same way as the old image, it fixes the problem, but only for a couple of hours, then it happends again.

Any suggestions? I'm puzzled.!

Answer Source

Experienced this problem again 1.5 years after question was asked.

I was able to solve the problem by rebooting the iPhone :S

I'm using the same iPhone 6 as when the question was asked, now on Xcode 8.3.1

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