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SQL Question

Inner join on multiple columns in SQL Server

I have two tables

  • tbltask

  • tbluser

I have two columns,

Sample data:

1 ibrahim
2 nizam
3 shahrukh
4 saddam

and in my second table, I have multiple tasks

taskid userid assignby assignto
1 4 4 2

Here saddam assigned a task to nizam

2 3 3 1

Here shahrukh assigned a task to ibrahim

I have a select command like

select userid, assignby, assignto from tbltask where taskid='1'

and i am getting this

3 3 1

now i want to join the table, because instead of i, i want username to be displayed

so answer which i want to display will be

shahrukh shahrukh ibrahim

how i can join the table?

Answer Source

Here is the query

Select  t2.username, t3.username, t4.username
From tbltask t1 inner join
tbluser as t2 on t1.userid = t2.userid inner join
Tbluser as t3 on t1.assignby = t3.userid inner join
Tbluser as t4 on t1.assignto = t4.userid
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