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Javascript Question

Place jquery result in an input field

I am currently assigning the result of a calculation to a

element, and I would like the make the same assignment to an input field.

Here is my code.


<select id="selector" onChange="Expedisi(this);">
<option>Select product</option>
<optgroup label="Sedan">
<option value="Lancer EX">Lancer EX 1.6 / 2.0</option>
<option value="Lancer EX GT">Lancer EX GT</option>
<optgroup label="Sport">
<option value="Lancer Evolution X">Lancer Evolution X</option>
<optgroup label="SUV">
<option value="Outlander">Outlander</option>

<p id="thetotal"> </p>


$('#selector').on('change', function() {
total = data[$(this).val()].price;

$('#thetotal').text("" + total);

handler will do the assignment, based on which option has been selected in the
element. I know how to retrieve the selected option's value and how to calculate the
, as I'm already assigning this to a

How do I assign the same value to an
element? I just need to know which jQuery method is used to set the input element's value.


You were very close in your jQuery code. The way to set the contents of a text input field is with the .val() method. Using this, your code would look like this:

$('#selector').on('change', function() {
    var total = data[$(this).val()].price;

    $('#thetotal').val("" + total);

Two additional improvements have been made here, in case they existed in the actual code:

  • Added var to the total variable assignment, so that the code doesn't accidentally create (or worse, overwrite) a global variable
  • Added a ; at the end of the code, after registering the event handler callback

The assignment of total assumes that there's a variable named data in scope, and that variable has members with values corresponding to the options in #selector. This means that data would look something like this:

var data = {
    "Lancer EX": { price: 17995 },
    "Lancer EX GT": { price: 21873 },
    "Lancer Evolution X": { price: 26434 },
    "Outlander": { price: 21659 }

This data is entirely made up, based on the data structure, so don't rely on it for anything other than understanding the code. You've been warned.