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Git Question

How to use --color-words with git add --patch?

When diffing files, I prefer to use

git diff --color-words
. Is there a way to make this the default format for diffs when using
git add --patch
git add --interactive

Answer Source

Building off of what VonC said:

Starting with Git 2.9, you can use this command to color words during add --patch:

git -c interactive.diffFilter="git diff --color-words" add -p

This sets the interactive.diffFilter variable for the call to add -p without affecting further calls. For me this is ideal because I usually want to run add -p normally, but sometimes want to run it with --color-words.

You can easily add an alias for this command like so:

git config --global alias.addcw '-c interactive.diffFilter="git diff --color-words" add -p'
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