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Cocos2d structure and navigation

Cocos 2d xna c#.

I'm using windows tamplate.
I have next classes Programm, Game1, AppDelegate, IntroLayer, MainLayer.
Programm, Game1, AppDelegate - I understand that it's begin and settings, like resolution, touch and ect.
From AppDelegate we run and Draw IntroLayer. 'Layer', it's like (.xaml +.xaml.cs) file in wpf?
In IntroLayer i want to lisen mouse and keyboard, but

public override void Update(float dt)
don't listen.
I only listen in
Update method in Game1 class

I search cocos2d tutorials, but found little. This's tutorial good link.

Answer Source

I found the answer for my questions. I need to add this code in my layer to get Update method.

    public override bool Init()
        return base.Init();

    public override void Update(float dt)

I found it this: link to stackoverflow

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