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Angularjs: ng-model not displaying properly

I have a parent and child controller relationship. This is a non-working mockup of the basic functionality. I'm sure anyone more competent than me can get it working for a Plunker or Fiddle model. (So there is probably something wrong with: $ = [{ID: 1, Email: ""}, {ID: 2, Email: ""}];) I tried creating some objects for the contactList array.

Anyway. I want to be able to click a link in the second table in the code below to invoke EditShowContact. In my actual app, this will show a hidden div and it will obviously display more properties of a contact than just the email.

In my actual program, the values of the table are filled out properly (i.e. my ng-repeat directive is working fine), but I cant seem to get the ng-model directive to respond. I've tried various different ways and nothing seems to work.

<html ng-app="myApp"><head>
<script src=""></script>

var app = angular.module('myApp', []);

app.controller('ContactsController', function ($scope)
this.currentContactID = null;
this.EditShowContact = function(intContactID)
this.currentContactID = intContactID;
//this.currentContact = $[intContactID]; unclear why this assignment fails

app.controller('ActionsController', function ($scope)
{ $ = {};
$ = [{ID: 1, Email: ""}, {ID: 2, Email: ""}];

<body ng-controller="ActionsController as ActCtrl">

<div ng-controller="ContactsController as ContactsCtrl">
<table border = "1";>
<div >
<table ng-repeat="Contact in" border="1">
<td><a href="" ng-click="ContactsCtrl.EditShowContact(Contact.ID)" style="padding-left: 5px;">{{Contact.Email}}</a></td>
<input type="input" ng-model="[currentContactID].Email"></input>

Answer Source

There are quite a few errors here such as :

ContactsCtrl has no information about the ContactList. You are trying to find object in array using ID in place in index using <table> element inside <div> and more..

Bascially, i have reduced the need of two controllers to one and made a Working Demo.

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