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React JSX Question

Table Data Structure Design

I am trying to create a data structure to hold a dynamic table in React. Currently, I'm holding my data as

{item00: "data 0", item01: "data 1", item02: "data 2"},
{item10: "data 3", item11: "data 4", item12: "data 5"},
{item20: "data 6", item21: "data 7", item22: "data 8"}

and adding a new row would mean appending a

{item30: "data 9", item31: "data 10", item32: "data 11"}

and adding a new column would mean inserting
at the end of each row.

My question is, is there any better data structure I could use? I'm having trouble with coming up with something that would make inserting new columns easy.

Also, how would I keep a counter of the columns I am adding / deleting? I'm sure there are specific ways of doing that, but I'm having trouble coming up with appropriate search terms..

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You can consider this,

Make each element inside the Array as a row.


[{}, {}, {}, {}] //each {} is a row

Make each element inside the Object as a column,


  {name: "xyz", age: "21", location: "india"}, //this will be a row
  //name, age, location will be columns

New row can be appended inside the Array with the same or additional columns.


Original Data

var t = [ {name: "xyz", age: "21", location: "india"}, ]

Adding new Data

t.push({name: 'abc', age: '44', location: 'india', phone: 56654345})

Rendered table will be

Name     Age     Location   Phone
xyz    | 21   |  india    |   
abc    | 44   |  india    |  56654345

Hope this helps!

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