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Javascript Question

How to make a regex part "backwards lazy"?

Apologies for the terrible title, i don't know how to express this in short form.

I have a string containing html (text, some

s and some
What i'm trying to achieve is to find the first
with a class ending "-focused". For added fun, the
s have line returns in the
attribute. However they do have a fixed structure and i can rearrange them if needed.
This is what i have so far:


But i get a match from the start of the first span to the end of the matching span.
Here's a regex101 link to illustrate (contains example text)


I tried playing with positive/negative lookaheads and capturing/non-capturing groups, but i'm more confused than anything at this point.

Psi Psi
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You should avoid using the first [\s\S] here. To get what you need, you may want to proceed within the same opening tag. That is implicitly done when matching everything except >:

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