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Composer could not find a composer.json

I tried to install composer via brew per:


(which was not on Mavricks and I had to make personally) I did.

brew tap josegonzalez/homebrew-php

brew install josegonzalez/php/composer

I can run
php composer.phar
, but when I do
php composer.phar install
, I get the error:

Composer could not find a composer.json file in /usr/local/bin
To initialize a project, please create a composer.json file as described in the http://getcomposer.org/ "Getting Started" section

So I go to the
. CRTL + F ".json" and nothing's there. Seriously composer?

What I was trying to do was to have
executable vs
php composer.phar
. This works at this point from this now.

Ben Ben
Answer Source

The "Getting Started" page is, as you obviously didn't notice, the introduction to the documentation. Most documentation will start off with installation instructions, just like Composer's do.

The page that contains information on the composer.json file is located here - under "Basic Usage", the second page.

I'd recommend reading over the documentation in full, so that you gain a better understanding of how to use Composer. I'd also recommend removing what you have and following the installation instructions provided in the documentation.

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