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Apache Configuration Question

apache 2.4 - remove | delete | uninstall

i been searching the web for quite some time,

but i could not found how to - completely remove the apache 2.4 .

using :

windows 7


i tried all commands, but nothing works.

httpd -k shutdown
httpd -k stop
httpd -k uninstall

keep getting the same result (for each command) :

<OS 5> access is denied.
failed to open the 'Apache2.4' service.

notice, that the service still running,

meaning that the apache is still working,

and i get the "It works!" in the localhost.

please, any ideas?


Answer Source

You are probably running these commands from terminal without Administrator privileges.

If httpd -k uninstall is not working for whatever reason, you should be able to remove service by sc command: Sc delete, other tutorial here.

Again, ensure that you run these commands as Administrator.

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