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Orbit camera (C++, GLM)

I'm trying to write the orbital camera (based on glm::quat) for my OpenGL application.
I have a few questions:

  1. –°an I make ViewMatrix from RotationMatrix + position of camera?

    camera_quat = glm::quat(glm::vec3(tmp_pitch, tmp_yaw, 0)) * camera_quat;

    float pitch = camera_quat.pitch();
    float yaw = camera_quat.yaw();

    glm::mat4 rotate = glm::mat4_cast(camera_quat);

    glm::vec3 view_direction(cos(yaw) * cos(pitch), sin(pitch), -sin(yaw) * cos(pitch));
    camera_position = target - view_direction * radius;

    glm::mat4 translate = glm::translate(camera_position);

    glm::mat4 view_matrix = **???**;

  2. Is this line correct?:
    glm::vec3 view_direction(cos(yaw) * cos(pitch), sin(pitch), -sin(yaw) * cos(pitch));

P.S. Sorry if my english is bad. It is not my native language, I am russian.
I hope you can help me. Thank you in advance!

Answer Source

If you change the translate matrix to

glm::mat4 translate = glm::translate(-camera_position);

, it should be simply

glm::mat4 view_matrix = rotation * translation;

However, there is an easier way to go there. What you basically want to do is the following: Move the camera to the target, rotate the camera there, move it a bit back. This can be expressed in matrix form with (note that the view matrix is the inverse model transform for the camera):

view_matrix = glm::translate(0, 0, -radius) * rotate * glm::translate(-target);
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