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Java Question

How to override java list methods?

I'm working on a java project where i need to use lists of different types that I create (Student ,school ... for example).

The problem is that I need to use some list methods with this types(or classes) like "containe" for Ex ...

I try to override this methods by creating my own list(arraylist or vector) which is Extended from java list ... but I have many problems because I want to use this new list(my list) with different types .

This how I extends myList from java list:

public class myList extends ArrayList<Object>{

public myList() {

and this how I use it :

public class newclass(){
myList<student> sl=new myList<student>();

But it does not work. So what is the right way to do this.

and thanks.

Answer Source

What you are looking for are Generics:

public class myList<T> extends ArrayList<T> {

This way you can create your own list of whatever you want like this:

myList<student> sl = new myList<>();

Response Update:

how to make get -for example- return the same type in declaration -which is instead of the type Object

myList<student> sl = new myList<>();
sl.add(new student());
student s = sl.get(0);
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