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reST (reStructuredText) Question

How to configure Spring Data REST to return the representation of the resource created for a POST request?

I am following the spring-data-rest guide Accessing JPA Data with REST. When I http post a new record it is inserted (and the response is a 201). That is great, but is there a way to configure the REST MVC code to return the newly created object? I'd rather not have to send a search request to find the new instance.

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You don't have to search for the created entity. As the HTTP spec suggests, POST requests returning a status code of 201 Created are supposed to contain a Location header which contains the URI of the resource just created.

Thus all you need to do is effectively issuing a GET request to that particular URI. Spring Data REST also has two methods on RepositoryRestConfiguration.setReturnBodyOnCreate(…) and ….setReturnBodyOnUpdate(…) which you can use to configure the framework to immediately return the representation of the resource just created.

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