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AngularJS - change variable value with if else statement when scope changes

I have a variable that I want to change when another scope changes its value.

$scope.switch = true;

var thing;
if ($scope.switch == false) {
thing = "givesFalse";
else {
thing = "givesTrue";
this.thingscope = thing;

So when I change
value to false,
should output
. In order to change the scope value, I use ng-click:

<div ng-controller="myCtrl as myCtrl" ng-app="myApp">
<a ng-click="switch = !switch">{{switch}}</a>

But even that I can see that the scope does update, the variable
doesn't seem to update at the same time. You can see the working plunkr here. Thanks in advance!

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The main point is that your Controller's code will be executed only once when your Controller is instanciated. If you want it to respond to changes, you'll need to use $watch.

$scope.$watch('switch', function(newSwitchValue, oldSwitchValue) {
  if ($scope.switch == false) {
    $scope.thing = "givesFalse";
  else {
    $scope.thing = "givesTrue";

In a real-world app where the architecture and performance matters, I would advise you to call directly a function from the ng-click.


Then define the function onClickSwitch() in the $scope.

$scope.onClickSwitch = function() {
    $scope.switch = !$scope.switch;
    [code as above]