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How to change default Laravel Auth login view

I'm trying to change the default login view, from Laravel Auth. Earlier suggestions points at modifying the path inside of the corresponding controller, under /vendor. However, this is a cooperative project, so modifying the vendor files is not an option.

By default the view for Auth login is

, but i want it to be

In which other way can i accomplish this?

I have also tried to manually add the view routes in the router, but it won't recognize
as a class, no matter how i wire it up.

Note: It's Laravel 5.3

Thanks in advance

Answer Source

In App\Http\Controllers\Auth\LoginController define a fuction named showLoginForm() as:

public function showLoginForm()
    return view('custom.login');

It overrides the function showLoginForm defined in the trait Illuminate\Foundation\Auth\AuthenticatesUsers.

Note: In Laravel 5.3 the function name is changed from getLogin to showLoginForm.

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