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What is the difference between static class and not static class inside Interfaces?

In the code below, we can prove that interfaces can have static class and non-static class declared inside (static nested class and inner class). OK, no new. But, what is the difference of "nested" and "inner" classes (inside interfaces) if "inner" class can have a instance without a instance of the outer class, even in the Interface Implemtations (MyInterfImpl in the code below)?

I have commented the lines on the code, to "highlight":

public class NewTest {

public static void main(String[] args) {

// OK Compilation Fail on next line, here we can't have an Instance of inner class because we don't have
// instance of outer class, nothing strange to me
MyClass.MyInner inner = new MyClass.MyInner(); //COMPILE FAIL: must be new MyClass().new MyInner() instead
MyClass.MyNested nested = new MyClass.MyNested(); // OK here, its nested

MyInterf.MyInner inner2 = new MyInterf.MyInner(); // HERE, MyInner is Inner class, ins't it?
MyInterf.MyNested nested2 = new MyInterf.MyNested(); // OK here, its nested

MyInterfImpl.MyInner inner3 = new MyInterfImpl.MyInner(); // // HERE, MyInner is Inner class, ins't it?
MyInterfImpl.MyNested nested3 = new MyInterfImpl.MyNested(); // // OK here, its nested



interface MyInterf{

public static class MyNested{

} // end

public class MyInner{


// some abstract methods....

class MyClass{
public static class MyNested{

} // end

public class MyInner{

}// end

class MyInterfImpl implements MyInterf{


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Answer Source

From this answer by Nad Nik: Inner classes inside interfaces are actually implicitly both static and public. So MyInterf.MyInner() works fine, since MyInterf.MyInner is actually static.

Source: Java spec, sec. 9.5

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