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PHP Question

if is home, check post type, echo if certain result? (wordpress)

Hi i'm wondering if someone could help me with the correct syntax for checking for a post type when on the index feed, currently I'm trying this -

<div class="<?php if(is_home() )
{<?php if ( 'movies' == get_post_type() ) { echo 'textbox';}?> ;}?>">

Answer Source

No need for multiple PHP open tags.

<div class="<?php if (is_home() && (get_post_type() == 'movies')) { echo 'textbox';} ?>">    </div>

What I would probably do in this situation is clear it up a bit:

$class = (is_home() && get_post_type()==='movies') ? 'textbox' : '';
echo '<div class="', $class, '"></div>';
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