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SQL Question

Is there a free/open-source equivalent of mailing list managers such as MailChimp or ConstantContact, etc..?

MailChimp is a very nicely done service, where they tell you things like %clicked, and Google Analytics of recent email campaigns. They are similar to other sites like ConstantContact and CampaignMonitor, and many many others.

Is there anything similar to MailChimp which is open-source or free?
Or is there anything that could be easily modified to resemble mailchimp for use in-house?

It is simply too expensive once you have a couple thousand email addresses.

Any ideas would be helpful.
I prefer any languages, but ideally HTML/PHP/MySQL...

Answer Source


* double opt-in subscription mechanism
* scheduling
* list segmentation
* click-tracking
* attachments
* bounce management
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