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Getting "xxx.storyboard is currently locked because it is a remote resource" in storyboard preview xcode

In xcode (7.3.1) storyboard , when we click the assistant editor and select the "preview" of the story board, we get the output of the storyboard design.
There is a lock button at the top, when I click that, it is getting "xxx.stroryboard is currently locked because it is a remote resource" and could not unlock.
Also I had other questions..
1) I could add options like iphone 4.4,4.7,3.5 inches... but I could not remove those after I added. How to remove those added?
2) I could not move the preview screen to view it and zoom it because there are no horizontal and vertical scroll bars.How could I scroll it?

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lock is not an issue for you!

Selcond thing you can select any preview and press delete key from keyboard to remove it! and you can't scroll horizontally in assistant editor preview. You can scroll vertically by scroller of your mouse even though scroll bar is not visible!

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