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MySQL Question

Issue when displaying results from randomization with Mysql row

So first off, I know this isn't the best method to try and randomize Mysql Rows, but it works for now.

My only issue is that it displays like this:
when I want it to display like this

My Code:

$quotes = $DBcon->query(
'SELECT quote FROM quotes ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1;');
$result = $quotes->fetch_array();
?> <strong>Daily Quote</strong> - <?php echo json_encode($result); ?>
<input type="submit" class="btn btn-primary" value="Get Quote" />

*No that is not my only PHP code, but that's the only section for this issue. Also, if I did something wrong, please correct me as I'm still learning.


Answer Source

change the fetch array return two array one with numeric index and other with string index so use fetch_assoc()

$result   = $quotes->fetch_array();


$result   = $quotes->fetch_assoc();

to display result

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