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Javascript Question

How to get all selected option text form multi select Using Javascript

I have problem in get all selected option in multi select

<select multiple="" title="" class="" id="fm_delivery_or_collection" name="fm_fields[fm_delivery_or_collection][]">
<option value="90">Delivery or Collection1</option>
<option value="91">Delivery or Collection2</option>
<option value="92">Delivery or Collection3</option>

Bellow is my code and its return me only first selected option

var select = form.find('select')

for (var i = 0; i < select.length; i++)
var s_id = jQuery(select[i]).attr('id');
var str="",i;

var e = document.getElementById(s_id);
var strUser = e.options[e.selectedIndex].text;

var name = jQuery(select[i]).attr('name')
var str1 = jQuery(select[i]).attr('id').replace("fm_"," ")
requestString += "<b>"+str1.replace(/_/g," ")+"</b>" + ':' +strUser+"<br>";

So please suggest me how can i get all selected option text and where I make mistake ?

Jai Jai
Answer Source

Your comment please suggest me how can i get all selected option text, So you can try this:

$("#fm_delivery_or_collection option:selected").each(function () {
   var $this = $(this);
   if ($this.length) {
    var selText = $this.text();
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