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Does Rails come with a "not authorized" exception?

I am writing an application that uses plain old Ruby objects (POROs) to abstract authorization logic out of controllers.

Currently, I have a custom exception class called

that I
at the controller level, but I was curious to know: Does Rails 4 already come with an exception to indicate that an action was not authorized? Am I reinventing the wheel by implementing this exception?

Clarification: The
raise AuthorizationException
is not happening anywhere inside of a controller, it is happening inside of a completely decoupled PORO outside of the controller. The object has no knowledge of HTTP, routes or controllers.

Answer Source

Rails doesn't seem to map an exception to :unauthorized.

The default mappings are defined in activerecord/lib/active_record/railtie.rb:

  'ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound'   => :not_found,
  'ActiveRecord::StaleObjectError' => :conflict,
  'ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid'    => :unprocessable_entity,
  'ActiveRecord::RecordNotSaved'   => :unprocessable_entity

and actionpack/lib/action_dispatch/middleware/exception_wrapper.rb:

  'ActionController::RoutingError'             => :not_found,
  'AbstractController::ActionNotFound'         => :not_found,
  'ActionController::MethodNotAllowed'         => :method_not_allowed,
  'ActionController::UnknownHttpMethod'        => :method_not_allowed,
  'ActionController::NotImplemented'           => :not_implemented,
  'ActionController::UnknownFormat'            => :not_acceptable,
  'ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken' => :unprocessable_entity,
  'ActionDispatch::ParamsParser::ParseError'   => :bad_request,
  'ActionController::BadRequest'               => :bad_request,
  'ActionController::ParameterMissing'         => :bad_request

You could add a custom exception from within your application's configuration (or a custom Railtie):

Your::Application.configure do

    'AuthorizationException' => :unauthorized

  # ...


Or simply use rescue_from.

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