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How to use a bool as an int?

Say I have two buttons on a form. If the first button gets hidden (visible = false) I would prefer the second button to move over.

In VB I can make a concise assignment:

Button2.Left = 22 - (90 * Button1.Visible)

But this does not work in C#. The only way I could figure out makes the code more wordy than VB (I didn't think that was possible) while making it less readable:

button2.Left = 22 - (90 * Convert.ToInt32(button1.Visible));

That handy shorcut (using a boolean in an assignment to avoid using an if) has existed for decades. Did Micorsoft kill it in C# or is there a way to still use it without adding function calls or the like?


You could create an extension method

public static class Extensions
  public static int ToInt(this bool Value)
    return Value ? 1 : 0;

then use

Button2.Left = 22 - (90 * Button1.Visible.ToInt())