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Accessing the await-ed value inline (JS)?

First I wrote something like this:

(async function() {
const value = await Promise.resolve({a: 3}).a

But I quickly came to the conclusion that that's not going to work since we're gonna be awaiting the
property of what
returns, which is undefined.

So I tried to wrap my
call into parenthesis:

(async function() {
const value = await(Promise.resolve({a: 3})).a

Which didn't work either. (it logs

So it seems the only way to extract the
prop is to do something like this:

(async function() {
const resolvedValue = await Promise.resolve({a: 3});
let aProp = resolvedValue['a'];

, which adds an unnecessary line of code.

I feed like this kinda defeats the purpose of async/await. Is this correct or am I missing something?

Answer Source

you need to await on a promise, not a property of one. JavaScript is going to expect a to be a promise, but its not.

await is an operator statement, not a function.

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