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C# Question

VS 2013 xaml editor and Microsoft.VCLibs.120.00.Debug

I recently installed

VS 2013
on Windows
. When I open up any
file I get this error message below.

This happens even if I create a project from scratch in
VS 2013
. I've tried re-installing
Windows 8.1
VS 2013

Has anyone come across this issue?

System.Exception Package failed updates, dependency or conflict

Windows cannot install package
App.a94e67374.a8775.a4662.ab57f.a7f1805386d2c because this package
depends on another package that could not be found. This package
requires minimum version of framework
Microsoft.VCLibs.120.00.Debug published by any publisher to install.
Provide the framework along with this package.

Answer Source

I had the same error just like you.

I registered myself and got a developer licence. After registerering I debugged the program and it all got fixed by itself

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