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jQuery String selector add string from file

I have a line that creates a simple box like so:

var box = $('<button>').addClass('box');

With using the css:

.box {
border-radius: 0.7vw;
width: 40vw;
height: 50vw;
margin: 30px;
display: inline-block;
background-color: #d87c2d;

All fine, I get those boxes, I can even click on them.

But what I really need is generating some usable elements.

For that, I usually like to keep components separate (hope I use the correct terminology), so I made a text file with the following content:

<div class="tile" id="eventName"> Event name</div><br/>
<div class="tile" id="eventDate">2017.01.01. </div>
<div class="tile" id="eventTime">12.00</div><br/>
<div class="tile" id="description">Some boring example description about the meaningless </div>

My goal is to put this inside the
instead of the simple
I have there.

To get that I tried

var box = $('/html/tileInside').addClass('box');

but didn't work, I believe JS thinks I want just the
/html/tileInside there which obviously doesn't mean anything.

So is there a way to add a
from a txt file inside the jQuery string selector?

Answer Source

Use ajax here.


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