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What is the "reactive" way to read file line-by-line

I'm learning reactive programming using RxJS and encounter a case when I need to read a file line-by-line. Actually I solved it using a solution likes:


It works, but I need to use some normal JS code to transform the stream of Buffers to stream of lines. (use "readline" module in example above)

I wonder if there are other ways to transform an Observable of Buffer to Observable of line, using RxJS operators, likes example below.

var Rx = require('rx');
var fs = require('fs');
var lines = Rx.Observable
.fromEvent(rl, 'data') // emits buffers overtime
// some transforms ...
(line) => console.log(line), // emit string line by line
err => console.log("Error: %s", err),
() => console.log("Completed")

Answer Source

You can probably achieve something pretty close to what you want with scan and concatMap.

Something like:

  .concat(Rx.Observable.of("\n") // to make sure we don't miss the last line!
  .scan(({ buffer }, b) => {
    const splitted = buffer.concat(b).split("\n");
    const rest = splitted.pop();
    return { buffer: rest, items: splitted };
  }, { buffer: "", items: [] })
  // Each item here is a pair { buffer: string, items: string[] }
  // such that buffer contains the remaining input text that has no newline
  // and items contains the lines that have been produced by the last buffer
  .concatMap(({ items }) => items)
  // we flatten this into a sequence of items (strings)
    item => console.log(item),
    err => console.log(err),
    () => console.log("Done with this buffer source"),
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