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Python Question

how to change a list to a specific string.

class Bag:
def __init__(self, i=None):
self.bag = []
if i == None:
pass # i is None, do nothing after create empty bag
elif type(i)==list:
self.bag.extend(i) # append whole list i into bag with extend method
self.bag.append(i) # append single item i into bag

def __repr__(self):
for s in self.bag :
return s

def __str__(self):
for s in self.bag :
return s

In the __str__method. It supposed to return a string.

The list is Bag(['a', 'c', 'b', 'b', 'd', 'd', 'd']). And

__str__ is supposed to return Bag(a[1], c[1], b[2], d[3])

Can anyone tell me how to make it work? Many thanks.

Answer Source

You can use a collections.Counter here to help:

def __str__(self):
    counts = Counter(self.bag)
    count_str = ','.join('{}[{}]'.format(k, v) for k, v in counts.items())
    return 'Bag({})'.format(count_str)

The great thing about this is that the counter does all the work of figuring out how many of each item are in your bag. All the rest of it is just formatting details. One downside is that the counter is not ordered. If you want an order, you could use the .most_common method (which will order the counts from most common to least-common), or you could use something like an ordered unique recipe to figure out how you want to iterate over the counter.

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