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Show pointer value in kernel printouts (instead of <ptr>) on parallels VM that runs OS X 10.12

I'm working on a Kext that runs under 10.12.4 VM (I use parallels) and I'd like to enable pointer printouts (currently all pointers are hidden and appears on


Prior to 10.12 there was option to directly put away debugging restrictions by setting
nvram csr-active-config=%ff%00%00%00
. However, now it's impossible to set
directly but through
csrutil disable
from recovery mode. unfortunately, it doesn't disable all SIP features and the pointers remain hidden.

luckily, the following thread that offers workaround :

Alternatively, CSR can be disabled entirely by setting csr-active-config=ff%00%00%00. For a VM this can be achieved by booting to the Recovery partition, running csrutil clear to delete the csr-active-config variable entirely and nvram Xsr-active-config=ff%00%00%00. Then shutdown the VM, and use a hex editor to change X -> c in the nvram file. This will allow the -show_pointers boot-arg to work.

I'm working with Parallels, and I try to find the location of nvram settings. I saw promising file called
but unfortunately
I couldn't trace the string
after I've followed the instructions in the quoted paragraph above.

Perhaps there's another place for the nvram settings ?


Answer Source

I don't have a direct answer to your question, but I have a workaround: the output to the kprintf() serial log is not pointer-sanitised. So if you enable the kprintf flag in the debug boot-args, activate a virtual serial port which writes to a host file in the VM setup and change your logging from printf/IOLog to kprintf, you can get raw logging to your serial port file.

I find the kprintf() logging mechanism more helpful than the kernel syslog in other ways too - it works right up to a panic, it's not rate-limited, and it's less noisy. The downside is it has a noticeable performance impact if you log a lot.

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