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git: show all files changed between two commits

A riff on git: show all changed files between two commits: I want a listing of all files that have been changed between two commits, even if they are now the same (ie, changed and then changed back).

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This is the best I could come up with:

git log --name-only --pretty=oneline --full-index HEAD^^..HEAD | grep -vE '^[0-9a-f]{40} ' | sort | uniq

Replace HEAD^^ and HEAD with the commits you want to compare.

My attempt uses git log with --name-only to list all files of each commit between the specified ones. --pretty=oneline makes the part above the file listing consist only of the commit SHA and message title. --full-index makes the SHA be the full 40 characters. grep filters out anything looking like a SHA followed by a space. Unless you have files beginning with a SHA followed by a space, the result should be accurate.

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