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Getting JSONObject from JSONArray

I am in a bit of a fix regarding the JSONObject that I am getting as a response from the server.

jsonObj = new JSONObject(resultString);
JSONObject sync_reponse = jsonObj.getJSONObject("syncresponse");
String synckey_string = sync_reponse.getString("synckey");
JSONArray createdtrs_array = sync_reponse.getJSONArray("createdtrs");
JSONArray modtrs_array = sync_reponse.getJSONArray("modtrs");
JSONArray deletedtrs_array = sync_reponse.getJSONArray("deletedtrs");
String deleted_string = deletedtrs_array.toString();

{"syncresponse":{"synckey":"2011-09-30 14:52:00","createdtrs":[],"modtrs":[],"deletedtrs":[{"companyid":"UTB17","username":"DA","date":"2011-09-26","reportid":"31341"}]

as you can see in the response that I am getting I am parsing the JSONObject and creating syncresponse, synckey as a JSON object createdtrs, modtrs, deletedtrs as a JSONArray. I want to access the JSONObject from deletedtrs, so that I can split them apart and use the values. i.e I want to extract companyid, username, date etc.

How can I go about this ?

Thanks for your input.

Answer Source

JSONArray objects have a function getJSONObject(int index), you can loop through all of the JSONObjects by writing a simple for-loop:

JSONArray array;
for(int n = 0; n < array.length(); n++)
    JSONObject object = array.getJSONObject(n);
    // do some stuff....
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