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Label the x axis correct in a histogram in R

I tried to name the x axis correct.

hist(InsectSprays$count, col='pink', xlab='Sprays', labels=levels(InsectSprays$spray), xaxt='n')
axis(1, at=unique(InsectSprays$spray), labels=levels(InsectSprays$spray))

But this produces

enter image description here

I want the letters below the bars and not on top.

Answer Source

I generally think barplot are more suited for categorical variables. A solution in base R could be, with some rearrangement of the data:

d <- aggregate(InsectSprays$count, by=list(spray=InsectSprays$spray), FUN=sum)
d <- d[order(d$x, decreasing = T),]
t <- d$x
names(t) <- d$spray

barplot(t, las = 1, space = 0, col = "pink", xlab = "Sprays", ylab = "Count")

The output is the following:

enter image description here Since you mentioned a ggplot solution would be nice:


InsectSprays %>% 
    group_by(spray) %>% 
    summarise(count = sum(count)) %>% 
    ggplot(aes(reorder(spray, -count),count)) + 
    geom_bar(stat = "identity", fill = "pink2") +

The output being: enter image description here

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