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Ruby Question

remove both commas and white space ruby

I am new to ruby and my regex knowledge leaves a lot to be desired. I am trying to check if a string is a palindrome, but wish to ignore white space and commas.

The current code I have is

def palindrome(string)
string = string.downcase
string = string.gsub(/\d+(,)\d+//\s/ ,"")
if string.reverse == string
return true
return false

Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated.

Answer Source

but wish to ignore white space and commas

You don't need to put \d in your regex. Just replace the spaces or commas with empty string.

string = string.gsub(/[\s,]/ ,"")

The above gsub command would remove all the spaces or commas. [\s,] character class which matches a space or comma.

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